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Commercial / Corporate Campuses

Digital Signage is a Simple Way to Modernize Any Space

  • interactive building directory
  • stand alone digital signage display
  • wall mount video wall touchscreen display

Through Navigo, you break through the boundaries of static signage.

Navigo digital signage – The cost effective solution for modern digital signage.

  • Navigo digital signage offers technology and convenience that enhance the appeal of your property
  • Allows for database expansion, as needed
  • Ensures that all web-access is carefully controlled with our LinksPatrol™
  • Cloud computing platform for instant data listing updates from any web enabled device
  • Integrates with existing databases to allow automatic updating of tenant data, events calendar and space availability to ensure accurate and up-to-date listings
  • Add-on features for TransitAccess to display real time transportation options

Your tenants and visitors benefit from going digital.

  • Enhanced tenant information displays
  • Easier access to building services are all achieved by providing unlimited links to amenities, leasing information, and other services which can be linked to multimedia presentations and pre-specified websites
  • Display 3-D maps to guide your visitors throughout the building, the campus, and the surrounding areas
  • Provide instant telephone connection to desired individuals with DirectDial™

Digital signage is everywhere.  And when strategically placed with compelling content, it can make your property stand out above the rest.

  • Display transportation options with real time schedules and alerts with TransitAccess
  • Digitize your visitor sign-in book with on screen sign-in and auto date/time stamp
  • Continue your message in the elevator and provide live news, weather and announcements
  • Use Navigo outside conference areas/rooms to display today’s schedule
  • Advertise in building and local amenities to show support for the community
  • Provide a real time dashboard of energy consumption

Think beyond a building directory and do so much more with Navigo!

Navigo Systems are customized for each facility. Contact us to find the right solution for you.