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Building Directory Makeovers to Custom-Designed Digital Signage Systems

Before and After Photos

Navigo® Makeovers

Here is a short tour of 4 building entrance makeovers where a Navigo® digital signage system was custom-designed and installed to replace or enhance visitor reception services provided in the lobby of the building.

building directory makeover before photo


Navigo® digital directory with floorplan maps for wayfinding.

ITS replaced a static backlit directory with a self-contained Navigo® digital directory with touchscreen technology allowing visitors to search the tenant directory and view interactive floorplans.



Navigo® active signage directory board for medical office building.

This recently renovated lobby contracted ITS to upgrade their plaque directory with a Navigo® non-touchscreen digital directory that provides a list of physicians and practices located in the building.



Navigo® digital directory surface mounted to stone wall.

A simple upgrade to their lobby included installing a Navigo® interactive touchscreen system to offer directory assistance, interactive map with amenities in the area and building information. Navigo®’s cloud-based management system allows building ownership/management to update content in real-time.



Navigo® touchscreen directory and TransitAccess™ system.

ITS was contracted to perform full removal of existing backlit directory and site prep to accept new Navigo® touchscreen system. The Navigo® touchscreen system provides building information and TransitAccess™ with real-time transportation options, traffic maps and drive times.


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